Our Goal

Our most important goal is to have each customer love his or her experiences. Every member of our firm, from our construction project managers to our accountants and business owners, has an alignment of purpose and understanding that our customer’s needs and desires will come before our own. We carry our responsibilities with sincere passion and energy, and we deliver on our promises.

The core values upon which we ensure this client experience include:

  • Simple Truth
  • Absolute Respect
  • Ingenuity in Problem Solving
  • Complete Responsiveness

The Team

By far our most valuable asset, our team is what makes the difference. Over the years, we’ve emphasized the instinctive qualities in selecting our team members. Each person exemplifies the raw DNA traits of leadership, character, respect and friendliness. That foundation, alongside the relevant experience and training, makes it possible to provide our clients with a phenomenal experience.

Our team members share common values but bring different approaches and styles to their leadership. Our clients benefit by having the additional mindshare and continuity that comes with more talent on the team.

The Process

Our process is designed for the efficient transfer of information between all parties involved. We have invested heavily in process and technology, and utilize state-of-the- art web-based work-flow automation for our operations. For our customers, this means easy, real time access to schedules, budgets, progress pictures, and other relevant information – all of which translates into on-time delivery, on budget execution, and most importantly, happy clients.

For our team, this means having all of the tools at their disposal to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing errors and delays. Because we don’t need a large back- office support function, we’ve been able to put more focus where it belongs: in the field with our clients.

The Approach

We believe in a common sense, value oriented approach. Regardless of price point, most people are not interested in wasting money. It takes experience and a keen eye for value to maximize the impact of your construction budget. We work hard to insure that our vendors and trades provide the highest level of quality and craftsmanship for the dollar. Many of our trades have been with us since inception; their loyalty results in a responsive, enthusiastic, and a positive attitude.

Just as our clients select us, we too strive to work with clients that share a common ground and attitude. We focus on not only a superb product, but also a fun journey, which results in an accredited census of satisfied customers that provide exceptional referrals. Our clients frequently become part of our family and some of our closest friends.